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“The Hunger Games” Social Media Machine

Summary: Danielle DePalma, the social media strategist behind The Hunger Games’ elaborately planned campaign explains how Lionsgate turned an online fanbase into box office success.

This is really an great post about the power of harnessing your “fans” to spread the word about your product or service…

“The success of The Hunger Games wasn’t exactly a long shot. But then, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion either (see: the performance of best seller-turned-box-office-disappointment The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). An elaborate and ongoing social media campaign, orchestrated by Lionsgate and agency Ignition, helped turn a strong bet into a blockbuster–the film has earned more than $450 million at the box office worldwide so far.”

I love #6 of their Strategy…


“Clearly, social media was a tremendous factor in driving the success of The Hunger Games, but no one is under the impression that traditional media–print ads, TV commercials, outdoor–is no longer essential. In fact, by turning the release of those traditional campaigns into online events, Lionsgate was able to turn advertising and public relations into the cornerstone of its social campaign.”


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