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How To Write A Professional Bio

This skill might not have been needed in the past unless you were a public speaker.  But nowadays with the need for a bio on your website and one on social media sites, this skill is something that every business owner should possess.

Stephanie Nivinskus gives 15 great tips that can help you to put together a powerful and compelling bio.

“So you’ve been asked for your bio, hmmm?  Perhaps you’re speaking at an event and they need to introduce you. Or maybe you’re posting something about yourself on a social media platform.  Or maybe you’ve been featured in the media and they need something to share with the audience. It’s critical to have your professional bio at your fingertips in this day and age. Good news! You’re going to learn how to write a professional bio right now.  Writing your bio does not have to be the daunting task that you may think it is. Here’s a simple, 15-step worksheet that I use in my small business marketing workshops to help my clients write their own compelling bio. Give it a whirl and see what you come up with.”

Her first step is to define who you are writing it for…

“Step 1:  Define your target audience:
Age range: under 18     18-25     26-34     35-54     55+
Gender:  % male _____     % female _____
Education: highschool     college     post-grad”

Read her 14 other tips at

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