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Be Less Self-Centered. It’s The Key To Content Marketing (And Business)

“In a world where ‘every brand is a publisher,’ giving away audience-focused content is cheaper, more inspiring, and better for the world than interruptive marketing. And it works better, too.”

“When I graduated from high school, my uncle gave me Dale Carnegie’s classic self-help book, How To Win Friends And Influence People. I thought it was a joke. But being 17 and insecure, I read it anyway. In between cheesy stories about Abe Lincoln and Henry Ford, a nugget of truth stuck with me: People love talking about themselves. If you want people to like you, talk about them, not you.”

“Most companies suck at good conversation. They’re used to blasting out one-way messages about how great they are. Their product. Themselves. Me, me, me.”


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