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This Is The Worst Day To Launch Your Social Media Marketing Campaign














You have a social media marketing campaign planned?  Great.  But have you considered the best day to begin it?

If not, check out this article called “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube marketers: This is why you never, ever start campaigns on Friday” by John Koetsier and learn when and often to launch your marketing campaigns…


“There are good times to start social media marketing campaigns, and there are absolutely horrible why-on-earth-would-you-choose-that times. How’s a savvy online marketer to know which is which?”

YesMail Interactive ran a comprehensive three-month study of consumer social engagement with online campaigns for 20 major retails brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, J Crew, and Forever 21. It discovered some astonishing insights which it’s sharing with the world … such as why Tuesday is such a great day to kick off a campaign.”

“VentureBeat spoke to Michael Fisher, president of YesMail, to get the details…”

Click here to continue reading a learn the best times to start a social media campaign and have often to launch them on

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