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Simple Sales Tips To Get More Customers And Get Those CustomersTo Spend More

Most business owners focus all of their energy on getting new customers.  In the process, they neglect one important thing: their current customers.

Check out this article called “Simple Sales Tips for Growing Your Customer Base” by STEVE BLANK AND BOB DORF and learn tips to get more customers and get them spending more…


“Every startup needs to get, keep and grow customers. We outlined customer acquisition in “How to ‘Get’ Customers” and how to retain them in ‘How a Lean Startup Can Keep Customers.‘ Now, we look at how a startup can expand its customer base.”

“There are two ways to grow existing customers: Get current customers to spend more money, or encourage them to send more customers to the company. Both are detailed below.”

“1. Get Current Customers to Spend More” 
“To start, make sure your customers are satisfied with the product, performance and price.”

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