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Social Media Lessons From CEO Of The Bombay Store


Sometimes hearing someone else’s perspective about something can really help you see something in a new way.

Check out this article called “An Interview With Anaggh Desai, CEO, The Bombay Store” by Rakesh Kumar and discover some great social media insights from the CEO of The Bombay Store…


‘Frank’, ‘Insightful’ and ‘Remarkable’ are the some of qualities that you can associate with Mr. Anaggh Desai, Mentor/CEO, The Bombay Store. The head of a 100-year old contemporary lifestyle store, he’s someone whom you must follow if you’re on Twitter for his wisdom and lively personality.”

“Last week I got an opportunity to interview him where I could pick his wise brain.”

“In this interview, he talks at length about the social media strategies that powers The Bombay Store and some of the mistakes that Indian brands are making on social media.”

“What was your goal when you first wanted to adopt Facebook and Twitter? Do you think you have achieved it?”

“The Bombay Store – Old, Iconic, classic…. Yeah! It is nice, my parents used to take me there” was the answer in 2009-10 whenever asked. This was from the 21-35 age group who did not know the difference and change The Bombay Store had begun to undergo.”

“The objective was NOT to adopt Facebook & Twitter, but to add the digital medium as a long term strategy to aid the quest in addressing and communicating with a different target audience – engage with them, communicate, get information, create a community and finally induce purchase.”

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