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Ads Are Everywhere And More Are Coming To Your Facebook Newsfeed













As a business owner you know that ads are important for anyone trying to sell something.

But is being more intrusive with ads really the answer?

Check out this article called “Ads invade our screens — and our private lives” by Michael Hiltzik and see how ads are, and will be, invading our lives more and more…

Advertising has always been intrusive to a degree, but now marketers are bombarding us with ads that can’t be ignored, including targeted marketing on the Web.”

“More than a half-century ago, the social critic Vance Packard labeled the advertisers of his day “hidden persuaders.” What would he think of their descendants today?

Our social spaces are being encroached upon more than ever by advertising, even as doubts persist about whether it’s having any impact. A recent survey by the market research service AYTM found that more than 50% of Facebook users said they never noticed ads on the service, or considered those they did see not relevant to them.”

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