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Don’t Make These 3 Financial Errors That Other Small Business Owners Make

It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes then to have to learn from making them yourself.

Check out this article called “The 3 Biggest Financial Errors Small Businesses Make” by The Small Business Authority, so you don’t make the same errors that other small business owners make…


“What makes so many small businesses falter and fail? What accounts for the high failure rate—50 percent in the first five years?[1] Blind spots and personality defects sometimes trip up small business owners and cause them to bring down the companies they have worked hard to build. Thinking you know all the answers is one such weakness. Trusting blindly: going with your heart, not your head, can also be a big blunder. Having either of these two tendencies can undermine an owner’s financial decisions. But you can also be without those defects and still commit big financial goofs that can doom a young company. Here are three correctable money and finance missteps that small business owners often make…”

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