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Could This Be The Real Reason Small Businesses Aren’t Hiring?

With all the talk about small businesses hiring again, I wonder if you’ve stopped to think about why you or other business owners aren’t hiring?

I am sure each business owner has their own reasons, but I wonder if this article below doesn’t cover one of the main reasons?

Check out this article called “The Real Reason Small Businesses Aren’t Hiring” by Rieva Lesonsky and learn the surprising reason why small business owners aren’t hiring…


“Economists and politicians who are waiting for small business owners to resume their role as job creators are likely to be waiting a long time. The oft-touted role of small businesses as job creators is changing.”

“Here’s how a friend of mine (also a small business owner) puts it, ‘This may be blasphemous to say,’ he said in a recent email conversation with me, ‘but today’s small businesses don’t generate jobs like they used to.’”

“He had recently talked to several entrepreneurs about when and why they hired staff and found that every single one of them contracted out as much work as possible until they had absolutely no choice but to hire full-time employees.”

Click here to continue reading and learn why the oft-touted role of small businesses as job creators is changing on

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