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4 Ways To Make Your Ads Easier To Understand

Need some advice on creating more effective ads?

Check out this article called “Brutal Simplicity: Making Your Ad Easier to Understand” by and learn 4 ways to use “brutal simplicity” to make your ads clearer…


“Brutal simplicity is the best way to make your ad easier to understand. The term brutal simplicity is actually a well-known mantra of Rich Silverstein, the executive creative director of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. That quote is plastered on his door that serves as a reminder to his creative team to make sure they simplify their ideas before they present it to him. It is also a well-known principle in Hollywood.”

“All writers or directors are required to simplify their idea to one or two sentences which is called the ‘logline’ or the ‘pitch’. In most cases, whether or not their idea will get through will depend on their logline. It also works that way in summarizing a novel or a book, there always has to be a one to two sentences. This is the same principle you should follow in designing your campaign, promo or ad. Brutal simplicity is the best way to making your ad easier to understand, thus, making it more effective.”

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