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How To Clone Your Profits And Stop Chasing New Profits

Clone your profits instead of chase after new onesWhat if there was a way to increase your profits by “cloning” what’s already working, instead of chasing after new ways to make a profit?

Well, check out this post called “A 10-Minute Formula for 40% Sales Gains” by Bob Serling that promises to teach you just that…


“Why Keep Chasing Profits When You Can “Clone” Those You Already Have?”

“My favorite strategy is what I call profit cloning vs. profit chasing.”

“What do I mean by that?”

“A lot of people spend a tremendous amount of time chasing after the next new tactic, or trend, or technology that they believe is going to be the great answer. But the fact is, a lot of the best ways to increase your profits have already been answered for you. They’re already in what you’re doing, and if you learn to leverage what you’ve already done and your relationships with people and companies, you’ll get so much more mileage with that in your marketing than chasing after the next new thing.”

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