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E-commerce Store Builder Claims Allegedly 80% Of The Clicks On Their Facebook Ads Were Coming From “Bots”

Poor Facebook.  As if getting beat up on the stock market wasn’t enough, yesterday they had more problems.

An online e-commerce store builder has made some allegations that their ads were not being clicked on by humans.

We have  no way to know if what this company is saying is true or not, but either way it’s not good news for Facebook to have to deal with.

Check out this post called “Advertiser Claims 80% of Facebook Ad Clicks are From Bots” by Larry Kim and see the details…


“Last month, we reported that the Click Through Rate on Facebook Ads were a dismal 0.04%,which is approximately10x less than the equivalent display ad on the Google Display Network.”

“Today, E-commerce store builder, Limited Run is claiming that 80% of the clicks paid for could not be verified! The company is so unhappy with the results on recent Facebook ad tests; they’re deleting their Facebook page entirely.”

“Limited Run claimed that 80% of clicks that they were being charged for came from users who didn’t have JavaScript turned on. As of late 2010 the number of users who did not have JavaScript turned on in the US was only 2%. Seeing this information, Limited Run allegedly built their own analytics software that found 80% of the clicks were coming from bots. The company claims bots were loading pages to drive up advertising costs.”

Click here to continue reading and see what Limited Run wrote on their Facebook page on

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