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Industry Study Reveals 36% of Leads Never Called

Do you follow up on your leads?

Does your business regularly capture leads?  Great.

How well do you follow up on those leads?

If you don’t do such a great job at it, don’t be embarrassed.  You don’t seem to be alone.

Check out this article called “The Great Marketing/Sales Disconnect: Industry Study Reveals 36% of Leads Never Called” by Jan Johnson and learn more about this follow-up problem…


“This year’s annual study of lead response behavior conducted by on 696 companies with online lead forms revealed that sales reps were, on average, attempting their first call to a newly submitted web lead after 39 hours had passed.  This second-day contact strategy delivers a high degree of  ‘lead-no-contact’ experiences among reps responding to inbound web leads, typically causing sales managers to complain about the poor quality of leads. As a result, sales managers continue to pressure marketing to produce more and more leads to fill the gap. However, without reporting visibility into when first sales-initiated call contact was made, the sales complaint to marketing remains somewhat hollow.”

“Another alarming piece of data: Nearly 36% of those audited never responded to a submitted lead during the entire two-week tracking period.  To restate this, a large amount of marketing budget spent on generating web-leads simply decays with no value because no one bothered to follow up on those leads. “

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