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Wondered Whether Blogging Was Still Critical Today?

There have been so many new online tools and social networks coming online recently.

(Pinterest being one of the most talked about.)

With all of these new tools and sites appearing, it could cause you to wonder if the old advice about having a blog and blogging is still important.

If you’ve wondered about whether blogging still matters, then check out this post called “Why Blogging Is Even More Critical In the Age of Social” by John Jantsch and learn why blogging matters more than ever…


“Every so often I get asked if blogging still matters now that we have Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. That question used to frustrate me greatly until I started making this distinction.”

“No, the act of blogging itself does not matter any more, but the act of consistently creating education based content that is easy for search engines to find and index, easy to share, attracts links, creates a searchable and archivable body of work on a subject and will never be seen as inorganic by Google has never, ever been more important.”

“It just so happens that what I’ve described is easily accomplished through the use of blogging software that runs your entire site. Every aspect of this site is built on WordPress – landing pages, contact pages, about us pages and this page. It puzzles me why people still fight this notion or why they would ever consider entrusting their content assets to Facebook or some other social network flavor of the month.”

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