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7 Ways To Deal With Social Media Complaints

How to deal with complaints on social media

Social media can be a fun and powerful tool for many businesses.

That is until they have to deal with their first customer complaint via social media. Then the whole thing begins to feel overwhelming.

What do you do when this happens?

Check out this post called “HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ON SOCIAL MEDIA” by Jasmine Henry and learn how to deal with complaints on social media…

“Social media networking has changed the internet from a series of closed pages to a loud dialogue. While receiving complaints on social media can seem devastating, consider them as an opportunity to provide real feedback and resolution. While social media can spread complaints like wildfire, responding in a timely fashion can showcase your company’s commitment to excellence. A strong commitment to customer service and quick responses are essential to salvaging relationships with detractors via social media.”

“1. Don’t Delete

When a customer makes the effort to come to you with a complaint, your initial reaction may be to immediately remove the negative feedback to avoid confrontation or bad PR. Ignoring negative feedback never resolves the issue and will likely incense the detractor by making them feel invaluable or ignored. Make responding to complaints quickly a high priority, and never delete honest feedback from a customer seeking real resolution.”

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