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Marin Business Group Helps Women Entrepreneurs Succeed

helping women entrepreneurs in marin, ca

More women are stepping into the entrepreneurial arena than ever.

But where can they go to get help with their unique struggles? 

In Marin, their is a unique group designed to help women entrepreneurs.

Check out this article called “Business group helps Marin women entrepreneurs succeed” by Janis Mara and see about this group that helps women succeed in Marin….


SUSAN BERKE knew she had a good thing going as a success coach for women entrepreneurs, but she wasn’t sure how to reach the people who could benefit.”

“After Berke joined the Marin forum of the National Association of Women Business Owners SF Bay Area, she hooked up with a search engine optimization expert, met a number of potential clients and acquired a new venue.”

“‘I found a wonderful network of women-owned companies I can use for providing services I need,’ said Berke, who founded her Novato-based coaching business, Simply Inspired, in 2011 and joined the association in January 2012. ‘As a female entrepreneur and a company supporting women business owners in running their firms more effectively, this organization is a great match.'”

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