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Is Your Business Attractive To “Generation Y” Employees?

Millennials, also known as “Generation Y,” can be very valuable to your business because they are tech-savvy and creative.

But how do you attract them to work for you?

Check out this article called “Gen Y Is Good for Your Small Business… Are You Millennial Friendly?” by Shirley Engelmeier and learn the 5 guidelines to make your business attractive to millennials…


“Disproportionately valuable because of their facility with technology, multitasking and ingenuity, Gen Y has been the topic of daily debate in business circles.  Last month, Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research company, and PayScale, Inc. released a study on the relevance of Gen Y workers on the job.”

“The study reports that 47% of the Gen Y workforce goes to work for a company of 100 employees or less.  That’s a scary figure for today’s Fortune 500 companies, but one of the most positive workforce advantages for small businesses that we’ve seen in decades.  These highly educated, creative, technically-savvy workers are craving to work for your company.”

Click here to continue reading and learn 5 things that will help you attract the cream of the Gen Y crop on

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