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Do You Really Understand How Millennials Work Differently From Everyone Else?

How Millennials Work Differently From Everyone Else

If you are a business owner, you’re going to have to learn to work with a new type of employee: Millennials.

(*And if you are a Millennial who is a business owner, then you need to realize how you work differently than people of previous generations. It’ll help you to be more effective.) 

More and more are entering the workforce and more and more are taking key leadership roles.

The differences between Millennials and the workers who are 50+  years old is the focus of an article on called “How Millennials Work Differently From Everyone Else” by Jacquelyn Smith.

She says, “As more and more millennial workers assume management positions, you may notice changes in the nature of the workplace. Why? Because there are distinct differences between the work styles, expectations, and career perspectives of younger and older workers.”

One of the interesting distinctions she points out is this one:

“You should be promoted every 2-3 years if you’re doing a good job:

Ages 55+: 43% agree
Ages 25 to 34: 61% agree”

One of the key differences is that Millennials have a much different expectation about what rewards they should receive for doing a good job.

Can you see what a problem this can cause if you don’t realize this difference?

How many Millennials will stay with your business if they don’t have these expectations met? 

Click here to read the article and discover the surprising one area where older and younger workers see eye-to-eye on


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