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Do You Know The 5 Reasons It’s Vital to Know Your Company’s Target Demographic?

knowing your target demographic

Who exactly is your ideal customer? Do you know?

Check out this post called “5 Reasons It’s Vital to Know Your Company’s Target Demographic” by Jeff Adcock and learn why you need to know your target demographic…


“If a business wants more customers, shouldn’t they just make themselves appealing to a larger audience? While there are plenty of businesses that take this approach, the problem is that it almost never works. The reason is this approach runs into the same problem as the “if my business can just get half a percent of this multi-billion industry, we’ll be set” strategy. Even though that sounds great as dollar signs dance through your head, executing is next to impossible.”

“Instead of trying to broaden your appeal, if you’re serious about converting more of the visitors to your website into customers, you need to focus on learning as much as possible about your target demographic. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to gain as much insight as possible, it’s because it will allow you to:”

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