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How To Get Your Business Emails Opened And Actually Read

email marketing that actually gets opened

Email marketing is very important, but it’s only effective if people actually look at your emails.

Otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

Check out this post called “The Biggest Lie in Email Marketing (Why Most Email is Junk Mail)” by Danny Iny and learn how to see better results from your email…


“Email is the third rail of online marketing.

“Sure, Twitter, Facebook and RSS can be nice, but there’s just no comparing them to the raw power that comes with invited access to your prospect’s inbox.

“Of course, with power comes risk, and the same is true with email marketing; do it wrong, and you’re toast – the moment you’re seen as junk mail, your open rates will plummet and your spam complaints will soar, your deliverability will drop and your account may even be suspended.

“In other words, your emails won’t get through, and when they do, nobody will listen or care.

“So how can you make sure that doesn’t happen to you? Probably not the way you think…”

Click here to learn a way to get your emails opened and paid attention to on


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