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Do You Know About The New California Social Media Privacy Laws?

new california social media laws

Have you ever thought of having a potential employee give you access to some of their social media accounts, so you can see what they’re really like?

Well, drop the idea, because that will soon be illegal in California.

Check out this article called “California Passes Tough Social Media Privacy Laws” by Michael Endler and learn how these new laws will protect your employees when it comes to the social media arena…

“California job seekers with a penchant for the semi-scandalous can breathe a sigh of relief–sanitized Facebook accounts are no longer a prerequisite to employment. Thanks to two bills signed into law Thursday, businesses and schools throughout the Golden State are now prohibited from demanding that applicants share social media credentials and related private content.

In a gesture that fit the occasion, Governor Jerry Brown used a number of social media platforms to announce that he’d signed the legislation. The bills–AB-1844, which bars employers from demanding social media-related material, and SB-1349, which defines a similar policy for colleges and prospective students–were authored by state representatives in the tech-rich Bay Area and will go into effect January 1.

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