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Have You Heard About The Google Adwords Business Credit Card?

google adwords business credit card

Check out a post called “‘Extra Credit’ for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses” from the Google Adwords accounts…


“Small business owners are used to being pressed: for resources, for time, and especially for credit.  Juggling expenses across different credit cards and managing seasonal business spikes and valleys doesn’t leave much room for other spending, like investing in a new oven at a pizzeria or treating a great customer to dinner.

“To make it easier for small businesses to pay for their AdWords campaigns and track their spending, last July we piloted AdWords Business Credit in the US, a credit card specifically for AdWords.  More than 1,400 businesses from a variety of industries participated in the pilot — from Kuru Footwear to ‘Get Bats Out’ bat removal—and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  In a survey conducted after the pilot launched, 74% of respondents said they now use AdWords Business Credit as their primary form of AdWords payment.

“Starting today, we’ll invite businesses to use AdWords Business Credit in the UK and extend more invitations in the US later this month.”

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