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Are Small Businesses Really Hiring Or Not?

Do you ever wonder why some reports say that small businesses are hiring and other reports say that they’re not?

This could be why. 

Check out this article called “For small business, hiring depends on the industry” by  Joyce M. Rosenberg and learn why talk of small businesses hiring isn’t as clear cut as people assume it is…


“If you are trying to figure out if small businesses are hiring, it depends on where you look.

“Just last Friday when the government was raising suspicious eyebrows with its report of a sudden drop in the unemployment rate so close to a presidential election, Andy Asbury was hiring a full-time employee to work at his Minneapolis real estate brokerage.

“For Asbury, the need for a new employee was clear. Sales at his agency, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Area Leaders, are up 25 percent from a year ago and he’s expecting them to rise more next year as the housing market continues to improve. He’s getting signals from prospective sellers that things are going to get busier and he’s gearing up.

“‘People are planting the seeds right now for when they want to make their move,’ he says.”

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