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What Exactly Is A “Small Business” These Days, Anyway?

Have you thought about how much small businesses have changed nowadays?

It used to be that a small business was a local business that sold good or services to the people within that city.

Well, the definition and description of a small business has expanded to mean so much more than that these days.

The question is: Has the government’s definition changed with the times?

The answer is: no.

Check out this article called “Why Washington Has It Wrong on Small Business” by Aaron Chatterji and learn more about the problem…


“It’s time for the government to get a lot smarter about small-business policy.

“In an era when political battles are nastier than ever, small business is the American dream we can all agree on. Democrats and Republicans alike line up behind the idea that small firms are job creators—the backbone of the economy—and they deserve a helping hand from the federal government.

“Yet we’re not doing all we can to support them—because we’re treating them all exactly the same.”

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