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Webinar: 21 Types Of Content We Crave

You must learn how to create content that captures people’s attention and engages them.

If you don’t, then you are wasting your time and your prospects’ time.

What kind of content captures people’s attention?
What kind of content do people crave?


I would say there are at least 21 types of content we crave.

I shared these 21 types of content in one of the most popular posts I have ever done for
You can see the post and infographic here.


Webinar: 21 Types Of Content We Crave

Well, now I’ve been asked by Society for Technical Communication to teach a webinar based on my “21 Types Of Content We Crave.
On this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create content that goes beyond the generic content that people can find anywhere online
  • How to create content that people will actually want to read
  • How to use these 21 types of content to spice up any post, article, paper, or speech.
  • And more


To learn more about the timecost and other details of this webinar, go here:

 21 Types Of Content We Crave Webinar

P.S. If you have any interest in attending this webinar at all, then don’t wait too long. It’s this Thursday (tomorrow)!


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