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San Jose Business Owners Scramble As Minimum Wage Increases To $10 An Hour In 90 Days

san jose minimum wage increase to $10

San Jose business owners are nervous and it’s not just because of our roller coaster economy.

It’s because of a minimum wage increase that will be happening in 3 months.

Check out this article called “Business scrambles, workers celebrate new minimum wage” by Lauren Hepler to learn about this new measure that will begin in 90 days…

“In 90 days, San Jose’s new minimum wage law will kick in, hiking base pay from $8 to $10.

“That’s leaving businesses scrambling and workers celebrating.

Barbara Boyles, office manager of Willow Glen driver’s education academy Allied Driving, said her business has already been hard hit by a shift to online driving classes, and she isn’t sure Allied’s traditional classroom education program can withstand new cost increases.

“’Unless I find a way to move out of San Jose,” Boyles said, “we won’t be able to offer the (classroom) service anymore.’

“On the flip side, 23-year-old San Jose State University student Elisha St. Laurent is ready for the better paycheck.”

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