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Are You Neglecting One Of The Easiest Ways To Tap Into Mobile Marketing?

the neglected mobile marketing channel

We’ve talked before here at about the growing mobile trends and how you as a business owner need to come up with ways to ride the current wave.

Well, you might be overlooking of the of the easiest ways you can tap into mobile marketing and not even realize it.

Check out this article called “4 Tips for Handling the Most Overlooked Mobile Marketing Channel” by Greg Hickman and learn about this overlooked mobile marketing channel…


“We recently talked about the pace at which mobile technology is advancing and how you, as a business owner, have so many options that it’s a bit overwhelming to get started with mobile in your business.

“As you learned, having a mobile-friendly website is critical in building your mobile foundation, but that’s just the beginning.

“Once your website is mobile-friendly, there are a few other things your small business should do to in order create stability before all other future mobile programs.

“Now before you get ahead of yourself, I’m not talking about building an app for your small businesses. To be honest, that might possibly be the worst way a small business could spend its money.”

Click here to continue reading and learn about the key mobile channel overlooked by most business owners on


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