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Instagram Responds To Fears Over Policy Change: They Will Not Be Using Photos For Ads

Instagram's Terms Of Service Changes Cause Uproar

The internet was buzzing earlier today about changes that Instagram had made to their terms of service.

From all accounts it appeared as if, starting on January 16, 2013, they would be able to use any user’s photos in any way they wanted – including selling those photos to advertisers.

This, of course, sent everyone into an uproar, which caused Facebook and Twitter to be flooded with tweets about Instagram’s policy changes.


The New York Times Interpretation Of Instagram’s Terms Of Service Changes

You can read what the New York Times Blog said about these changes here:

What Instagram’s New Terms of Service Mean for You’s Response To Confusion Over Instagram Changes

Other site’s countered the view and said that people misunderstood the new terms.

You can read what said about the confusion here:

No, Instagram can’t sell your photos: what the new terms of service really mean 


Instagram’s Response

After all of the uproar over the changes Instagram finally responded an hour ago and stated that they will not be using photos for ads and never planned to.

Read Instagram’s response here:

Thank you, and we’re listening


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