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Could Changing Your Small Business Misconceptions Change Your Year? (VIDEO)

What If What You Believe About Your Small Business Is Wrong?

You know that if you don’t have your facts right, then you will have a hard time succeeding as a Bay Area small business owner in 2013.

Important Questions To Consider

Let me ask you some questions:

  • What if some of the assumptions that you and many other small business owners have are wrong?
  • What if things you and other small business owners believe are possible this year are much less than you really could achieve?
  • What if the problems you and other small business owners believe you will face are not the actual problems you will have this year?
  • What if there are opportunities out there for you as a Bay Area business owner, that the majority of the other small business owners here don’t realize?

If You Don’t Change Your Facts And Point-Of-View

  • If you continue to just believe the same as everyone else, you’ll continue to get the same results.
  • If you continue to only see what everyone else sees, you’ll continue to do the same things and experience the same things.

Your Only Option

That means you’re only option is to get your facts right, get over the common misconceptions, and uncover what is hidden from others’ view.

When you do, your options will be completely different than the other small business owners in the Bay Area.


Your Main Barrier

But there’s one thing that will keep you from uncovering this type of information: your belief that what you currently know and believe is the only way things could possibly be.

Let me inspire you to believe that there could be different facts and a different way to see things from the way that others see them.

Take a look at this 3:58 video about five historical misconceptions to prove to yourself that maybe, just maybe, the commonly held views that others have might not be the true facts.

My Challenge For You

Now that you’ve seen these misconceptions, make it your goal in 2013 to uncover misconceptions in your industry or niche.

When you do, you might just see your business reach levels that other business owners don’t even realize are possible.


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