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Do You Know What Business Owners Should Expect From Google and SEO in 2013?

Google is always switching things up.

Are you ready for what they have coming in 2013?

Check out this article called “Predictions: What Business Owners Should Expect From Google and SEO in 2013” by AJ Kumar and discover what things Google has in store for your business this year…

Google gives out such little information about the internal workings of its algorithms, it’s nearly impossible to say with certainty what issues webmasters can expect to face in 2013. Digital marketers failed to predict the widespread changes that would result from 2011’s Panda update, just as they couldn’t foresee the scope of the 2012 Penguin change.

“Google typically does about 200 algorithm updates each year, but there’s no way to know if another Panda or Penguin is in store.

“But based on the changes we have seen recently, it’s possible to make a few predictions about how the field of search engine optimization (SEO) could change during the coming year.”

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