How Small Independent Firms Can Compete Against The Major Players

Think it’s hopeless to compete against “big boys” in your industry?

Maybe it’s not.

Check out this article called “How can SMEs compete with big businesses?” by Alison Coleman and learn how to compete against the major competitors in your industry…

“Markets dominated by major players with huge promotional budgets and economies of scale can seem impenetrable by small businesses.

“However, mainstream media advertising campaigns and lower prices are not the only factors that influence customer choices, and as many small firms are discovering. Quality, flexibility, and personal service are proving to be effective tools for carving out a niche in even the most competitive of markets.

“Business coach and author Heather Townsend says: ‘Small firms will never win on price, but they can compete on value and service, while the more specialised their product or service, the better.'”

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Written by Scott Aughtmon

Scott Aughtmon is a “business recession solution expert“, a “content creation expert,” and a speaker. He’s spent over 12 years studying effective marketing and business methods (both online and offline). You can read some of his content marketing articles for “Content Marketing Institute“ here. He’s the author of two e-books called “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession” in which he interviewed 38 top business, marketing and sales experts and got them to reveal their methods to help business owners survive and prosper in a recession. Scott has also been interviewed on radio shows and asked to share his wisdom to help business owners survive and prosper in a recession. Read more of Scott’s insights on his blog.

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