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Do You Know The New Social Media Trends for Small Businesses in 2013?

This is a new year and that means there are new things for you to learn.

One area you should consider educating yourself in is the area of new social media trends for 2013.

Check out this article called “New and Social Media Trends for Small Business in 2013” by Britt Michaelian and learn some social media trends you need to know in 2013…

“It’s no secret that new and social media are important marketing tactics for small businesses in 2013.  While new media encompasses video, podcasting, blogging and mobile media, social media is about the conversations that occur in comments and updates on these platforms and others like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Businesses that want to stay relevant and be seen as leaders in their industries in 2013 must have an active presence in the majority of these platforms, but many are still dragging their heels.

“Brian Moran is a small business advocate and consultant with a background in publishing at Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Magazine, Success Magazine and as the Executive Director of Sales Development at the Wall Street Journal. Over the past 20+ years, he has helped entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams by giving them practical advice through interviews on social and traditional media and by speaking at conferences and networking events. In this interview, Brian shares his thoughts on what small businesses need to know about new and social media in 2013.”

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