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What If You Treated Your Social Media Strategy Like You Treated Your Content Marketing Strategy?

content marketing strategy and social media strategy

We’ve shown you why you need to use content marketing.

You’ve learned many different social media tips from us as well.

But today, we want to show you a way to view your social media strategy in the same way you’d view your content marketing strategy.

And the results might help you see more leverage in both areas.

Check out this post called “Why You Need To Treat Your Social Media Strategy Like Your Content Strategy” by Jordan Kasteler and discover a new way of approaching social media…

“In a typical organization, the social media tweets away in one department while content writers toil away in another. The social team links to fresh content, sure… and that’s about the extent of their interactions. But, at the end of the day, what you post and share on social media is content, and it’s time we start treating our social postings with the same amount of gravity as we do our content.

“Fact: social media posts are content. They may be abbreviated and (in some cases) more casual, but they’re content all the same. They’re written to get attention; they can be optimized for search and deliver powerful search signals;  and when done right, they are written and posted with a clear goal in mind — a goal that is directly beneficial to the company.

“Just like with content: if your content isn’t beneficial to your company, why write it? If your social media posts don’t do anything of value for your business, why waste your time on it?”

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