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Small Business Owners Tax Stress: From The Fiscal Cliff To A Fiscal Minefield

small business owners stressed over taxes this year

How are you feeling about tax season this year?

Many small business owners are feeling stress and confusion over their taxes this year, because of the new tax laws and health care reform.

Check out this article called “For Small Businesses, Tax Law Has Become a Moving Target” by Conrad D Aenlle and learn more about what you should be aware of when it comes to your taxes this year…


“TAX planning can be difficult for a small business, all the more so when a lot of the work is left until the last minute — not by the owners or their accountants, but by Congress.

“Businesses will have to make sense of a number of tax changes approved on New Year’s Day, along with some tax increases and other requirements approved earlier, notably in connection with health care programs.
“The legislation, which averted the so-called fiscal cliff, set higher rates on several taxes that affect small-business owners, while giving new life to credits and deductions that they find particularly helpful. And if they still have to pay more to the Internal Revenue Service, it may not be their only extra expense, tax specialists warn.”
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