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This Mistake Can Cause Your Emails To End Up In The Spam Folder

how to keep emails out of the spam box

Writing an effective email is only part of your problem as a business owner.

You also have to make sure it gets delivered and seen.

Check out this post called “Is This Mistake Landing Your Emails In Spam?” by Crystal Gouldey and discover a mistake that could be putting your emails in the spam folder…


“It’s wise to keep tabs on what your subscribers are doing. If you look at your stats and see some subscribers aren’t clicking on your links or even opening your emails, it’s time to take action.

“We’ve talked before about how to handle inactive subscribers, but you have to be careful. Good ideas executed badly will not bring you the results you’re looking for.

“Here is a cautionary tale about one big businesses’ misguided attempt in waking up sleepy subscribers.

A Surprising Discovery in My Spam Folder

“I love Edible Arrangements. They make great gifts, especially when I can help eat them. I purchase from them a few times a year; not a lot, but I figure I’m a decent customer. Last summer I decided to subscribe to their email list, hoping for some sweet deals.

“This made me surprised to find this email in my spam folder a few months later:”

Click here to keep reading and discover this mistake that could be putting emails from your business in your prospects or customers spam folder on


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