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A Content Creation System That Will Help You With Your Content Marketing

how to create a content system or editorial calendar for your business

If you are a regular here, then you know that content marketing is a very important tool for business owners these days.

But if you’re like most, you’re probably having a problem coming up with exactly what to create content about.

If you are, then check out this post called “How to Create a Total Content System” by John Jantsch and learn a system to organize the type of content to create and when to post it…


“As content becomes increasingly important in the marketing mix, it must take on an elevated place in your strategy and planning. The use of high quality, education based content has become an essential ingredient in creating awareness, building trust, converting leads, serving customers and generating referrals.

“I’ve said this many times over the last few years, but marketers these days have a lot in common with publishers and it’s time to embrace this reality fully.

“Today I want to outline a complete systematic approach to creating and executing a content plan that borrows heavily from the editorial outlook of a publisher while acknowledging the marketing objectives facing most businesses.

“Content creation and production is perhaps the biggest challenge facing marketers today and you must take a very planned and practical approach to getting it all done. Waking up every morning and deciding what you are going to write on your blog does not scale.”

Click here to continue and see what John Jantsch calls the Total Content SystemTM


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