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Why Intimacy Is A Key To Success In Business And Life

relationships and business success

Check out this article called “Building Intimacy in Business and in Life” by Paul N. Weinberg and learn why relationships are so key to your success in business and in life…


“Why, as a complete departure from anything I’ve done professionally, did I co-author a book about intimacy and connection in relationships? Despite my accomplishments, I believe I would have been more successful – and more fulfilled as a human being – if I had learned earlier in life how to build and maintain personal connections, both personally and in business. I’ve come to understand that success and satisfaction are all about authentic personal connection and that there’s a direct correlation between personal relationships and professional success.


“Without the support of stable, personal relationships, it’s more difficult to be successful in any aspect of your life, including business. And if you’re unable to connect with people in your personal life, you’ll most likely be unable to do so professionally as well.”

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