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Steve Jobs’ Simple Rule To Create Irresistible Products

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People love Apple products.

That’s no surprise. We all know that.

But have you ever thought how much people love Apple products? 

People love them so much that I have never seen them have to lower their prices to try and lure people in to purchase from them!

They have never apologized for their high prices – even throughout a recession!

Check out this post called “Steve Jobs Used A Simple Rule To Make People Fall In Love With Apple Products” by Ira Kalb and learn this simple rule you must implement with your products…

Samsung heightened expectations last week by renting Radio City Music Hall to announce the introduction of the Galaxy S4.

“The problem is that the product has not lived up to the big build-up. Reviews have been largely disappointing. As of this writing, the stock is down 5% while archrival Apple’s stock has soared up $23.16 per share since the Samsung announcement – presumably since the market does not see the Galaxy S4 making a significant dent in the iPhone’s market share.

“Of course, the anticipateincrease in Apple’s stock dividend has helped, but ironically, the biggest assist seems to be from Samsung disappointing the market.”

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