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Have You Heard Of Gamification? How To Try It With Your Marketing

gamification in business

Many businesses have learned a secret: if you make your marketing fun, then people will be much more likely to pay attention to it and spread it.

Check out this post called “3 Gamification-Lite Examples You Can Pull Off (Today)” by Amanda Gagnon and learn three ways you can experiment with gamifying your marketing…


“‘We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.’

– Benjamin Franklin

“Since 2010, businesses have been increasingly adding game-like elements to their marketing campaigns. Viewers can participate, sometimes for the fun of it and sometimes to earn prizes.

“A fuller explanation of how it works is here and here.

“True gamification means altering the way one usually interacts with your brand to entertain participants and track their scores over time.

“Today, we’re talking gamification-lite. While large companies’ campaigns have vast budgets and manpower, you don’t need either to pull these ideas off.

Midwest Sea Salt’s New Years Giveaway

“Sea salt retailer Midwest Sea Salt Company celebrated the New Year by running a sweepstakes on their Facebook page. Email subscribers who clicked to their page and liked’ it earned an entry; those who commented earned two.

“In an effort to get their email subscribers to become Facebook fans, Midwest offered entries into a $100 bath-and-body giveaway for both “liking” their page and commenting on it.

Click here to learn how you can pull something like this off in your business and discover two other ways you can use gamification in your business on

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