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Silicon Valley Has Changed Its Mind: They Now Want You To Come Into Work

marissa mayer

15 years ago, the culture here in Silicon Valley was one of fun perks: at work massages, snack food and beverages, video games, etc.

Currently, the Silicon Valley is personified by telecommuting – working from home.

Well, the tide seems to be turning and Silicon Valley could soon be represented by something else.

Something that Marissa Mayer suggested recently. Something that caused a great stir.

Check out this article called “Mega Perks: Silicon Valley Wants Its Workers At Work” from CNBC and  see what changes are coming to workplaces in Silicon Valley…


“Apple’s ring-shaped, gleaming “Spaceship Headquarters” will include a world class auditorium and an orchard for engineers to wander. Google’s new Bay View campus will feature walkways angled to force accidental encounters. Facebook, while putting final touches on a Disney-inspired campus including a Main Street with a B-B-Q shack, sushi house and bike shop, is already planning an even larger, more exciting new campus.

“More than ever before, Silicon Valley firms want their workers at work.

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has gone so far as to ban working from home, and many more offer prodigious incentives for coming in to the office, such as free meals, massages and gyms.”

Click here to continue reading and see the other ways that Silicon Valley businesses are encouraging their employees to come into to work on


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