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Identifying Your Email Target Audience: The Story Of Penny

Check out this post called “Identifying Your Target Audience: The Story Of Penny” by Corrina Gordon-Barnes and discover how writing for one person can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing in influencing the many…


Trying to grow your email list? Then it makes sense you’ll be happy when new people subscribe to your list. But here’s a tale from Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me of why you should also be happy when people unsubscribe…

“When I started my email list back in 2006, Penny was one of my very first subscribers. She loved my approach and enjoyed every topic I wrote about – from procrastination, to climate change, to making more of your garden. (Eclectic, I know!)

“With every blog post, I was trying to please Penny. I was trying to keep her thinking well of me and I was certainly trying to keep her subscribed. I didn’t want to share anything in my blog and newsletter that wasn’t relevant to her so I wrote about topics that were generally appealing.

“Do you write with one subscriber in mind? Are you treading gently and cautiously so as not to lose anyone?”

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