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Expert Feature: What If The Secret To More Isn’t What You Think It Is?


This one word describes what most people are constantly trying to do and get.

We live in a culture that’s never satisfied.

People always want more.

People are constantly trying to figure out how to do more.

And do you know what the sad thing is?

Most of those people are doing the OPPOSITE of what they should be doing in order to have more!

Let me explain to you what I mean by sharing with you a lesson from an unlikely place: a vineyard.


Lessons From A Grapevine


business lessons from vineyards

According to Cornell University Department of Horticulture:

Young vines have to grow for several years before they are strong enough to actually support fruit.

Not only that, but grapes require yearly pruning.

And what happens if grape vines aren’t pruned?

Unpruned grape vines get very dense, diseases get hard to control, and fruit quality declines.


The good news is that pruning is not difficult and can be done anytime during the dormant season.

The reason vines are pruned is so they can produce an optimum crop of ripe grapes.

The bad news is that there is a deceptive problem when it comes to growing grapes: the more buds left at pruning, the more fruit will develop.

You might be thinking, “And THAT’S a problem!?!”

Well, hold on. That’s not all that happens.

If too many fruits are left through the season, the fruit will be small and even worse, may not ripen.


What I want you to realize today is that there is a way to produce more in your life than you ever have before.

But the way to do this probably isn’t what you think it is.

It doesn’t involve doing more and more like most people assume.

It involves pruning.


The Secret To More

As someone once said, “The secret to more is LESS.”

In the formula for success, subtraction comes before addition.

You have to take away some things in your life and in your business before you can add more.

You have to stop some things before you can start some other things.


What That Means To You As A Business Owner

That means instead of continuing to add more and more things to your life and your business, you need to subtract more and more things.

Here are just two of the many things you need to consider subtracting:


1. Your business needs to stop being a “jack of all trades”.

You need to do less in your business.

Your business needs to focus on the few things it can do best and better than your competition.

The people and businesses who make the most money usually are the ones who specialize.

Doing this will better position your business in the eyes of your customers.

It will give you an advantage that you can promote in your marketing.


2. You need to personally do less as a business owner.

You need to delegate and let others focus on more of the things that you do. Let’s face it.
You can’t be an expert at every task that needs to be done in your business.

But guess what?

Other people can be experts at all of those tasks you are trying to do.

Hire experts and let your staff do some of the work so they can become experts in different facets of your business.

It will be more satisfying for them, your product or service will be better, and your customers will be happier!


There Isn’t An Alternative

I want you to understand something very important: pruning isn’t an option. It’s mandatory — if you want good fruit, good results!

If you really want to see more in your life and in your business, then you don’t have any other choice. You must begin cutting things out.

Begin to focus on less and you’ll get more!


What Do You Think?

  • Do you have any examples of how you’ve seen this principle play out in your business?
  • What are the most difficult areas for you to cut out of your life or business?


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4 Comments on Expert Feature: What If The Secret To More Isn’t What You Think It Is?

  1. Great article and I very much agree. I love the analogy with how to encourage more fruit on the vine. Less is more.

  2. Scott, Great metaphor for what happens to a business with the vineyard story. Of course, you and I also know that we must stay connected with the vine for more blessings to come our way in business and life. But that’s another story!

    I feel more and more strongly about this concept lately. I keep hearing this idea of focusing on your niche. I am almost done listening to the audiobook of The 80/20 Principle and it’s all about less getting you more. If we don’t focus on the 20% that gets us 80% of our results, we’ll always struggle with a cluttered life that’s not as satisfying as it could be. I’m going to give this more thought and figure out what needs pruning in my business. Thank you.

  3. Hi Michael. Thanks for your comments and thoughts.

    You’re right about the blessings! And I am also trying to apply this more in all areas of my life too. It’s easy to write about, not as easy to live out! 🙂

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