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The 3 Ways to Reform the Patent System (VIDEO)

the problem with patents

The purpose of patents has always been to protect an inventor’s creation.

But some say they’ve become more of a problem, than a protection.

Check out this post from called “3 Ways to Reform the Patent System“…


The History Of Patents

“Originally designed to protect and incentivize invention and innovation, patents in one form or another have been around since 500 BC, where they offered Greek inventors in the city of Sybaris received one year of exclusive rights.

“The modern version of patents was invented in the 15th century when ‘the Republic of Venice enacted a decree that new and inventive devices, once put into practice, had to be communicated to the Republic to obtain the right to prevent others from using them.’

“By offering legal protection to inventors and encouraging the disclosure of new works into the public domain, patents were an essential element to the common good. However, the promise provided by patents is under attack.”

Could getting rid of the system be the best option?

Click here to read more and learn about the problems that critics say our current system causes – Plus watch a 3 minute video on a solution – on


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