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Do You Know The 3 Goals Of Any Business Activity You Choose To Do Today?

3 important goals for your business

What is the most important thing you should be doing today?

What’s the one thing you shouldn’t bother with today?

What if there was way to help you figure this out?

Check out this post called “The 3 Goals of Any Business Activity” by Charlie Gilkey and learn how decide what are your most important business tasks are for today…


“Do you know how to assess the value of potential business activities?

“Let’s say you’re thinking about going to a conference. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to go, but how can you tell if it makes business sense to do so?

“Or maybe you’re thinking about where you’re going to put your operational resources for the next quarter. Is it better to create a new product or enhance your current service offer? Is it better to go on an outreach push or to use that time, energy, and attention on working on your internal business processes?

“Or perhaps you’re just sitting there wondering what you should do for the rest of the day and are tired of aimlessly hanging out on Facebook or Twitter. You’ve got the capacity to make something happen, but it’s not clear what you should do with an unfinishable ToDo list in front of you.

“Assessing these opportunities on the fly can be really challenging without a framework, but it turns out there is a quick framework to help out here. To develop it, though, we’ll need to get out of the trenches of our work and think about the goals of our business activities.

“Any given business activity can have at least one of these three goals:”

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