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Do You Know The Best Day To Send Your Business Emails?

best day to send emails

Did you know that by testing small elements in your marketing that you can see huge differences in response?

One example is the difference the day you choose to send your business email can have on your sales.

Check out this post called “What Is the Best Day to Send Emails?” by Debra Ellis and discover what day you should send your emails…


“Somewhere, in the world just on the other side of the rainbow, there is a magical day for sending emails. The messages sent to customers and prospects on that day get more responses and generate more revenue than any other email. There is only one problem for marketers—catching a leprechaun is easier than identifying that day.

“I know that finding that special day is important to marketers because they consistently ask me, “What is the best day to send emails?” For some consultants, this is a perfect segue into a sales pitch. Finding the best time to send emails is a project that can take months of testing. For me, the question is extremely challenging because I am not an “it depends” consultant. I am a teacher who happens to consult. Showing clients how to solve marketing problems is what I do best. My clients operate in continuous improvement mode. We work together to identify what works best and then dig deeper to improve on that.”

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