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These 16 Excuses Will Prevent You From Going After Your Dreams

the walls keeping you from your goals

What if I told you that the main obstacle keeping you from your dreams is yourself?

The lies you’re telling yourself can pile up and become a wall that will keep your dreams out of reach. 

If you want to prevent this, then you have to know what the lies and excuses are so you can begin to counteract them.

Check out this post called “16 Excuses that Prevent You from Going After Your Dreams” by Marya Jan and discover 16 ways you’re sabotaging yourself from your dreams…


“’I shouldn’t write this.’

 “‘Nobody’s going to read it anyway. So much has been written about this topic already.’

“‘What if people hate my stuff? What if they get bored to tears?’

“’What business do I have teaching them something? Heck, am I even qualified to talk about this?’

“These are only some of the thoughts that usually race through my head as I am writing a piece for a client.

“I am trying to write a blog post, and I have written many in the past but I can’t seem to start on this time.

“I am drowning in the sea of self doubt and my mind insists on bringing every single negative thought to the surface.

“Negative thoughts = Excuses in disguise.

“And there are plenty of them out there – plenty that will arise whenever you are doing something important, something worthwhile.

“Apply for a new job. Start your own business. Change careers. Publish content. Reach out to other people. Develop a product. Write a book.”

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