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Harness The Power Of LinkedIn To Create Personalized Content That Draws An Audience

content marketing on linkedin

We’ve told you before about the power of content marketing.

We’ve also told you that for many business owners LinkedIn seems to give them the best ROI.

Well, today we want to show you how to combine those two things in a powerful way.

Check out this post called “The LinkedIn Guide to Personalized Content Creation” by Mark Sherbin and discover a way you can tap into the amazing network on LinkedIn by creating personalized to different audience segments…


What kind of brand would you associate with an active online community of 120,000 professional women?

Probably very few of you answered “a major financial services firm” — but that’s exactly how Citi delivers relevant content to one of its many audience segments. And it all takes place over LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is already a powerful content marketing platform. “LinkedIn Today” renewed the social network’s push into thought leadership through content. The company acquired SlideShare in 2012 and Pulse only a few months ago. And according to company reps, more neat stuff is on the way for content marketers.

Little by little, the social network for professionals is becoming a content creation hub. This has major implications for content marketers, especially those of you in the B2B content space.

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