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Content Marketing Lessons From The New “Arrested Development”

content marketing lessons from arrested development

Content marketing should be used in as creative a way as possible, if you want to see its maximum impact.

The best way for you to think of creative ways to use it is by observing the creative ways that others are using content marketing.

Check out this post called “The Marketing of Arrested Development: 3 Content Marketing Lessons” by Ben Richardson and discover some creative content marketing lessons you can learn from this show…


“On May 26, the universe was reconciled.

“After seven long years, Arrested Development returned to the screen with an all-new Season 4 – except this time the infamous Bluth family arrived via Netflix, foregoing traditional broadcast television distribution. (It seems creator Michael Hurwitz has been burned by FOX one too many times.)

“In addition to being one of the all-time funniest sitcoms, Arrested Development has introduced content strategists to some brilliant and highly effective content marketing techniques. The show’s innovativemulti-channel content strategy brings together the best in ad copy, event planning, and social media strategy.”

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