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Survery Reveals: Americans Getting Tired Of Businesses And The Government Invading Their Privacy

people tired of privacy being invaded

There have been a lot of stories in the news about our privacy recently.

Well, a recent survey by the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future reveals that many Americans are becoming more and more wary of the amount of personal information that the government and businesses are using.


  • How will this growing American feeling affect you as a business owner?
  • How will it affect you as an individual?

Check out this article called “Is America At A Digital Turning Point?” and discover how this current portrait of the American internet user could affect your business or you personally…


“Americans love their online technology, but there may be a cost to their personal and professional lives.

“A decade of studies by the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future creates a portrait of the American user of the Internet reaping the benefits of online activity, while at the same time paying a tremendous price in the form of time, privacy, and well-being.

“’After 10 years of studies, we find that the strengths as well as the consequences of technology are more profound than ever,’ said Jeffrey I. Cole, director of the Center for the Digital Future.

“’At one extreme, we see users with the ability to have constant social connection, unlimited access to information, and unprecedented buying power. At the other extreme, we find extraordinary demands on our time, major concerns about privacy, and vital questions about the proliferation of technology – including a range of issues that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

“’We believe that America is at a major digital turning point,’ said Cole. ‘Simply, we find tremendous benefits in online technology, but we also pay a personal price for those benefits. The question is: how high a price are we willing to pay?’

“The year-to-year comparisons in the Center’s Digital Future studies involve more than 100 major issues concerning the impact of online technology in the United States. Among the highlights of the findings, along with predictions by Cole for digital directions to come, are these 10 major issues:”

Click here to read a synopsis of the 10 major issues on

OR click here to read the FULL REPORT.


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