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Can You Learn Content Marketing Lessons From Superman: The Man of Steel?

man of steel movie and content marketing

The new Superman movie “Man Of Steel” broke records this weekend.

According to, “The superhero film began its run with a massive $125.1 million ($113.1 million over the traditional weekend, $12 million from corporate screening programs on Thursday), breaking the record for the biggest June opening weekend ever, ahead of Toy Story 3’s $110.3 million bow in 2010.”

Check out this post called “5 Content Marketing Lessons Learned From Superman: The Man of Steel” by John Brhel and discover some content marketing lessons from Superman…


“We all want to fly high in the marketing sky and show the world how awesome our product or service is. We all wish we could instantly transform into some kind osocial media juggernaut like Red Bull overnight.

“Unfortunately, us business-people aren’t superhuman (though some would argue otherwise about dynamos like Gary Vaynerchuk and Ann Handley). We have to deal with petty human issues like time and money. Even if we did happen to get bit by a radioactive spider like Spiderman, we’d probably just end up bedridden and have even less time to do marketing.

“We may not be able to shoot content lasers out of our eyes or tweet with the power of our minds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing of two from those with superpowers. The Superman reboot ‘Man of Steel’ is in theaters now and it made me realize: Superman is one great inspiration for content marketers.”

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